Chat Log

Here is a quote from David Touretzky in his favorite chat room:

“Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran Bomb Ira-a-a-n, because we ca-a-a-n…. the arabs and persians are still crazy f–ks, so what are we gonna do?”

Here is another one of his conversations:
Session Start: xxxxxxxx 2001

David Touretzky: “Guess what I found on the web 2 nights ago? Anorexic porn! … Well the nice thing about this site is that these anorexic women are happy with their looks. Which is more than can be said for a lot of people.”

Deana Holmes: “of course Dave would like anorexia porn.”

David Touretzky: “Calista Flockhart looks much healthier than the women on that page…. But the women on that page are willing to take their clothes off, which gives them one up on ol’ Calista.”

Deana Holmes: “dst [David Stuart Touretzky] does it make you hot?”

[Unknown]: “You’re sick.”

Deana Holmes: “Do you get off on it? … I suppose that he’s busy with his right hand.”

David Touretzky: “mir [Deana Mirele Holmes]: the women on that page are too skinny even for me but Calista still makes me hot…. Anyway, that anorexic porn site is a *pay* site. It’s $14.95/month for the really hardcore stuff.

Robert Clark: “That’s worse than amputee porn.”

David Touretzky: “I like the concept of amputee porn. Makes the women feel good about themselves.”

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