David Rice

David Rice has done more than talk about harming the Church of Scientology and its parishioners. He has actively sought the means to conduct terrorism.

GPS Readings Taken by David Rice & Keith Henson

On July 5, 2000, David Rice was at one of the Church facilities with Keith Henson and Barbara Graham. It was on that day that Rice took the GPS (Global Positioning System) readings of various buildings. Rice later posted this information on the Internet along with a photo and the coordinates of one of the buildings. He called it “target data”.

In his November 2000 Affidavit, Rice gives his false version of the story on what “happened” on that day when he, Barbara Graham and Keith Henson were harassing the Church. Rice claims that he used the GPS device to simulate that it was a tape recorder.

If that was his real intention, then why did he take the actual readings? In any event, Rice’s story is contradicted by a debrief written by Barbara Graham (a.k.a. Barb Warr) who clearly states that Rice was taking GPS coordinates and that Keith Henson had them go out again to repeat this action after a lunch break.

With his false affidavit David Rice was apparently attempting to protect Keith Henson who had also made threats against the Church. It is not the first time that Rice attempted to cover up threats against the Church while blaming the Church for having fabricated the threat. In July 1999, Rice blamed the Church of Scientology for a bomb threat that had been made against it several years earlier. Robert Clark, another avid attacker of the Church, and the person who had actually made the threat, posted to the Internet the following day that he (Rob Clark) had been the one who made the bomb threat. Of course Clark was dishonest enough to only admit his terrorist threat after the statute of limitations ran out.

David Rice claims to be a computer network systems specialist who used to live on his “own” boat, Myste, at Dana Point, California. On October 23, 2000 he posted on the Internet that he had sold the boat and was now in Hana Bay, Maui – one of the Hawaiian islands.

In a November 2000 affidavit, which was posted on the Internet, Rice confirmed that he has been out of the country and that he was at that time planning to move on to French Polynesia.

His desire to remain outside United States’ legal jurisdiction is understandable.

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