A response to Chuck Beatty

For several weeks Chuck Beatty has been talking about how he “heroically” assisted Christian Markert “escape” from Buffalo, NY. When the true story was told that the person Beatty helped escaped appears to have been sent in by a German government official, Ursula Caberta, Beatty came out publicly asserting that Markert is “legit”.

Beatty went on to say, in one of his propaganda pieces, that Markert was now in “Caberta’s competent hands”.

There are several questions that Chuck Beatty should answer.

Did Caberta plan this out with Beatty?

Did Caberta contact Beatty and tell him to go to Buffalo to pick up her asset?

Or was David Touretzky contacted by Caberta?

We don’t expect Christian Markert to tell the truth. He is only capable of making empty legal threats and lying about his background. Who is going to pay for his attorney, Ursula Caberta? However, while Chuck Beatty claims that, in his view, Markert is legit, he should do his homework and find the answer to the following questions:

1.Markert claims that he has been a Scientologist for 7 years and, in some instances, stated that he was in the Church for 15 years. Where was he a member for such a long time?

2.How come Markert engaged in a correspondence with the Church in Buffalo stating that he had no time to go to the Church in Dublin because it was too far away? Markert claimed that he was living in Dublin and had a company there so why would Buffalo be closer than Dublin, especially when he claimed that he was a member of the Church in Dublin and had donated a very substantial amount of money to Dublin?

3.If Markert was such a successful businessman in Ireland and a wealthy one, according to his own words, how come he had to be picked up by Beatty? Why couldn’t he afford to pay for a hotel room but had to remain hidden at Linda Kirkhart’s house in Pittsburgh? Besides, if Markert was so wealthy why did he borrow money from Scientologists in Buffalo, and then pay them back with checks that bounced?

4.Markert stated to the European Court of Humans Rights that he was both German and American, dual citizenship. Why did Markert tell Scientologists in Buffalo that he had to travel to Austria, in April of 2007, to obtain a visa for the United States? If he had U.S. citizenship why did he need a visa?

5.Assuming that Markert lied to the European Court of Human Rights by telling the Court that he was an American citizen when he was not, then did Markert lie to U.S. Immigration authorities when he did not disclose his criminal convictions both in France and Germany?

Finally, Chuck Beatty believes that he will intimidate Religious Freedom Watch by making statements that he has alerted his employer, a local Pittsburgh paper, regarding this story. We are not surprised by Beatty’s intimidating tactics and we are not afraid of such attempting to silence us. What is Beatty hiding that he needs to resort to getting his employer to front for him if RFW continues its investigation into the Markert story?

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