Bruce Hines

image Until 1995, Bruce Hines was a member of the Church of Scientology.

Hines supports the cyber hate group, Anonymous. Anonymous has been the subject of numerous investigations for engaging in hate crimes targeting the Scientology religion, its leaders, members and Churches through death and bomb threats and arson threats as well as engaging in serious cyber-crimes intended to disrupt and damage the Church. Most recently, a member of Anonymous from New Jersey was sentenced to over a year in federal prison and ordered to pay $37,500 in restitution to the Church for his part in an attempt to destroy the Church’s website.

While in the Church Hines held various posts including auditor. Hines repeatedly violated the Auditor’s Code as well as the technical procedures of the core religious practice of the Scientology religion–auditing.

In February 1995, Hines violated one of the most fundamental clauses in the Auditor’s Code:

"I promise not to permit sexual liberties…"

Violating this moral precept is universally regarded as a despicable and heinous act, not only within the Scientology religion but in virtually any faith. A parishioner whom Hines was ministering reported that he had made an inappropriate sexual advance towards her. This resulted in Hines’ immediate removal from his ministerial position.

Hines was also found to have falsified reports as an auditor, a severe breach of the Scientology Ethics Codes, which results in immediate expulsion from the Scientology religion.

A subsequent investigation uncovered Hines’ pattern of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

In 2001, Hines wrote a 13-page public announcement in which he detailed the Suppressive Acts he had committed. These included lying in his own auditing, lying about his auditing of others, alterations of standard auditing procedures and sexually inappropriate behavior while auditing women, all of which he covered up with lies.

Lying was a constant unchanging pattern with Hines.

In Hines’ own words:

"I had committed sexual perversions (exhibitionism and voyeurism) over the previous 2½ years.  I withheld them."

"I seduced and then stole another’s wife resulting in severe disrepute for Scientology, which was a suppressive act."

Note: Hines has claimed in the media that his wife was "forced to divorce him."

However, Hines’ former wife says that it was her discovering unacceptable activities Bruce was involved in, that brought about her decision to divorce him. It had noting to do with the Church.

Hines’ former wife states:

"Bruce has been involved in severe sexual perversions for a very long time, and after we were married…he told me some of his sexual escapades that occurred before we were married. When he communicated these instances, he expressed them as if this sexual perversion was no longer a problem, lying to me from the start.

"One specific instance Bruce told me about was some shop across the street from where he lived. A girl worked there and he knew when she would be leaving the shop at the end of the day. He would open the curtains in his apartment, stand on a chair naked and hope that she would see him. Bruce told me he did this many times….

"Bruce has now apparently tried to put himself forward as some expert of Scientology, but it’s pretty obvious that he would do or say anything to cover up his crimes. It is very hard to believe that his perverted behavior has stopped after all these years. And he knows that his exhibitionism and peeking through peoples’ windows will get him into jail one day and labeled as a sex offender."

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