Participant in Threats Against the Church with Keith Henson

  • Graham’s postings regularly allude to the use of violence against the Church and its members. Specifically:
    • She responded to a July 1999 posting in which someone had suggested that members of the Church be “burned in effigy” with a very vicious posting suggesting that one of the members be burned in person instead. In another posting on the same subject she suggested the use of voodoo to trigger a coronary on the same Church member.
    • In another posting Graham described a “dream-like” sequence in which she set out to suffocate a member of the Church.
    • She participated in a posting thread where several posters advocated the use of missiles against the Church.
    • In a 29 December 2000 posting she talked about “eradicating” the Church of Scientology facilities in Los Angeles.
  • On July 5, 2000 Graham picketed a Church facility with David Rice and Keith Henson while David Rice took the GPS coordinates of several buildings. One day later, on 6 July 2000, she reported about the prior day’s activities referring to Rice’s “handheld GPS device” thereby making it very clear that she knew what was being done (contrary to Keith Henson’s and David Rice’s postings). Her posts also demonstrated that Keith Henson had been the driving force behind the day’s picket actions.
  • Graham also admits, according to her own postings, to attending gatherings at the home of Ida Camburn, the meeting place for anti-Scientologists whenever they are in town.
  • On January 6, 2001 Graham proceeded to harass the Church facility as a “birthday present” for and requested by Ida Camburn.

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