Barbara Graham

Barbara Graham (a.k.a. Barb Warr) has never been a member of the Church of Scientology and has had no family members in the Church. She has never attended a Church service nor has she had any other connection to the Church, yet she vehemently attacks Scientology at every opportunity.

In a June 1999 posting, she described herself as a “Vietnam-era veteran.” And in yet another posting in 1999 she gave us insight into her viewpoint concerning religion with her statement “There is no god.”

During a chat session on the Internet with other Scientology critics Graham claimed to once have worked for the National Security Agency.

She has been in close communication with anti-Scientologists such as David Rice, whom she has picketed alongside on several occasions, Englishman Roland Rashleigh-Berry, whom she met and picketed with on a business trip to London, and known anarchist and Holocaust revisionist Arnie Lerma.

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