William White & The UAP

Lerma has a long history of involvement in anti-government militia groups, and is a regular contributor to the alt.conspiracy newsgroup. Among the most notorious of his militia associations is William White, the PR mouthpiece of the Utopian Anarchist Party (UAP), an organization that targets government and law enforcement agencies.

White has participated, at Lerma’s invitation, in hate demonstrations against the Church of Scientology. White has a criminal record which includes arrests for battery and the carrying of a concealed weapon.

In January 2002, William White formalized his relationship with Willis Carto by entering into Carto’s paid employment.

This announcement was made on White’s web page with the following statement, excerpted below:

“I met Willis Carto today. Nice guy, a little wacky, but mostly pretty intelligent and pleasant. Definitely has a Hitler thing, but I can overlook that…

“…We reached a deal where I will begin writing 750-word pieces for his latest publication…

“I have never been in a room where some guy comes and goes ‘Hey Willis: I just got off the phone with David Duke and he says hi from Germany…’

“There may be some who wonder if my acceptance of this deal represents a great ideological change, but it doesn’t. I will be choosing my own topics for writing, and the bottom line is that he offered me pretty good money to write ’em…”

White’s willingness to “overlook” Carto’s neo-Nazi agenda in favor of a paying job removes any last shred of credibility he may have enjoyed among like-minded anarchists. And, regardless of his weak denial, it also sheds further light on his true intentions and agenda toward minority races and religions. The only question remaining is whether Arnaldo Lerma, friend to both White and Carto, arranged this meeting in an attempt to bolster support within the anarchist and neo-Nazi movements for his orchestrated attacks on the Church of Scientology.

In March 2005, after the murder of the husband and mother of a Federal Judge who had ordered a white supremacist group to stop using the name “World Church of the Creator,” White wrote on his website, “I don’t feel bad that Judge Lefkow’s family was murdered. In fact, when I heard the story I laughed.”

These callous comments were reported in the Roanoke Times: White supremacist comments on case

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