Opinions v. Facts

Andreas Heldal-Lund’s biggest lie is, and we quote him, “People should be free to believe whatever they want, including Scientology” yet he has been attacking individual parishioners around the world for what they believe in. He has made fun of them in front of their churches, he has been harassing them over the Internet, and he has instigated and organized hate marches against them and uses derogatory language when referring to people who believe in the Scientology religion.

Heldal-Lund further claims, “My goal was to make an ultimate index to the most important information about Scientology…” It doesn’t appear he has done a very good job at it because he is so biased that he would not take down death threats hosted on his site.

Heldal-Lund states about his site that, “It is not unbiased or objective, and it never claimed it was. Why should it be?” He then welcomes visitors to read it and make up their own mind. In summary, he only offers you opinions and no facts.

Why should Heldal-Lund bother to do any facts check when his opinion says it all? Here is a man whose limited perspective of life, since he was 18, has taught him to listen to gossip, rumors, and bias, and when it comes to any members of the Scientology religion he goes out of his way to harass them with any possible means over the Internet as well as making the parishioners information available so other extremists could harass them too.

Besides never giving facts to support what he says, Heldal-Lund is a man who can’t keep his promise. Scientologists have pointed out lies that he keeps spreading but, contrary to his invitation to contact him and get these corrected, he has refused to rectify them and so lies are what Heldal-Lund continues to promote.

He claims to abhor violence yet he instigated actions that led to harassment against parishioners. He has repeatedly refused to remove serious death threats hosted on his site. One would have to conclude that he wants the death threats on his site to be materialized, otherwise any balanced individual would have promptly removed them. Heldal-Lund claims to be a responsible individual, therefore we hope he is ready to face the consequences should anything happen as a result of his hosted death threats and lies.

Finally he claims that Religious Freedom Watch doesn’t link to his site. Why should one bother to link to a site that is all opinions, has no facts, and is a platform for hatred.

Heldal-Lund portrays himself as a victim and that “lies are being spread to discredit him.” Let’s examine some of these “lies.”

Heldal-Lund claims that he was never arrested. However a photograph was obtained where Heldal-Lund and a few others are escorted by the Norwegian police while they were harassing members of the Lutheran Church at one of their celebrations. All of them have their hands behind their back. If he is telling the truth what were the police doing there and why did he have his hands behind his back as did his fellow Heathens?

So, what are these “lies” being spread about him?

That he was arrested?

That he is associated to a convicted terrorist?

That he is hosting death threats and has refused to take them down? Let’s see what his excuse is for hosting such threats.

Perhaps Heldal-Lund is so used to lie that he believes anyone else is doing the same.

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  1. I don’t believe it
    I checked his site, no death threats and it looks like he only against Scientology

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