Extremists Associates

The truth about Heldal-Lund is in his actions. He lectures to largely unsuspecting, well-intentioned audiences using terms like “ethics” and “tolerance” then hurries home to his computer and agitates amongst the members of hate groups on the internet for the destruction of religions – Christianity and Scientology being his prime focus. Heldal-Lund associates with and supports the actions of individuals like Zenon Panoussis, a copyright anarchist with a history of violence, Arnaldo Lerma, a supporter of the notorious white supremacist Willis Carto, and David Touretzky, a research scientist with racist theories about minorities.

Andreas Heldal-Lund is a close associate and defender of Keith Henson, an explosives expert who was convicted in California of a hate crime for making threats against members of the Church of Scientology, in addition to being found liable for copyright infringement in an earlier suit. In a vain effort to avoid sentencing, Henson fled to Canada and applied for asylum. In response to his application, Canada’s Department of Justice found that Henson’s crime in the U. S.A. falls under that country’s Anti-Terrorist Act, stating:

“…The threat to blow up the Church of Scientology and to kill the organization may be seen as a serious threat to cause death, bodily harm, and a risk to health or safety, property damage and/or a serious interference with an essential service so as to constitute terrorist activity. “

Heldal-Lund, though, is a staunch supporter of this hate criminal. In fact, he wrote to the Canadian authorities recommending Henson as a “responsible, public minded and productive citizen. “

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