The Heathen Society

Heldal-Lund is a member of The Heathens, a group of atheists who, through public demonstrations and the distribution of publications, are deeply committed to spreading public antagonism toward religion.

According to the Heathen website, their stated goal is:

“… contribute to the reduction of the overwhelming strength the church and Christianity have in Norway, with its exceptional position in Norwegian laws, school and culture. We also want to make people aware of the harmful side of Christianity and of all organized religions &. Especially, we will work against the State Church and other religious power structures.”

Their philosophy:

“Many people think that Jesus was the kindest man who ever lived. And in this belief they are members of the State Church. If you read the Bible, you will see that Jesus actually was the Bible’s only Hell-prophet.”

The Heathens’ website, on which Heldal-Lund has acted as webmaster, contains these cartoons meant to denigrate and ridicule religious people and their beliefs.

Heldal-Lund uses the same denigrating tone in his internet writings, referring to religious figures and their followers as “crazy” or “mad,” such as in the following August, 1997, posting:

“Today’s Christianity is built on a crazy man’s strange brains. I would rather be a Heathen and wrong a thousand times than a Christian and worshipper of crazy men.”

Heldal-Lund first appeared on the anti-religious hate scene in 1994 when he suddenly turned up at the Heathen Society’s door, volunteered to start the local chapter in Rogaland, and at once began attacks against Christianity. This intense flurry of activity included writing articles for the Heathen Society’s magazine, “Between Us Heathens,” that are clearly anti-religious in nature and target the Christian Church.

In March 1996, Heldal-Lund and a leader of the Heathen Society conducted a campaign aimed at denying Christians the right to the practice of baptizing newborns. In June 1995 Heldal-Lund was arrested for conducting a hate march at the anniversary celebration of the Lutheran Church.

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