Copyright Anarchist

Heldal-Lund’s activities quickly spread from attacking the Christian Church to attacking the Church of Scientology. As part of this hate agenda, he willfully violated copyright laws and may have conspired with others to do so.

Documentation sent to Religious Freedom Watch from Norway reveals that, on November 6, 1996, Andreas Heldal-Lund sent the following email to a Norwegian psychologist (and fellow member of the Heathen Society) stating that he had retained the services of an attorney for an upcoming “action”:

“Lawyer —– in Oslo will take the thing. The action will start on one of the next coming days. I will start working on a press release now, if you have a very extensive and updated list with flux numbers I would like to have a copy of that, or if someone can help sending it out. Corrections and other proposals to the page are appreciated & Regards Andreas Heldal-Lund.”

On November 7, 1996, the day after hiring this attorney, Heldal-Lund began posting Church of Scientology copyrighted materials on the Internet.

Zenon Panoussis and David Touretzky are some of the parties whom Heldal-Lund contacted by email on 20 November 1996 informing them of the details of his copyright infringement plan. These two are known anti-religious extremists who have made documented attacks against the Church of Scientology. Zenon Panoussis is a known copyright anarchist who was criminally convicted in Sweden for copyright violations.

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