Failure of Alexander Dvorkin

By Alexander Dorokhov
06 March 2006

According to information from unaccredited sources, the Russian Orthodox Church finally realized the consequences of the destructive activity of Alexander Dvorkin, former staff of Radio Liberty, US emigrant and “sect fighter,” and decided to distance itself from this odious figure.

Professional anti-cultist Father Oleg Stenyaev now leads the opposition to Dvorkin and his destructive activity. Oleg Stenyaev realized that Dvorkin misled the Orthodox Church regarding the true nature of the phenomenon of new religious movements and actual reasons behind people leaving the Russian Orthodox Church.

Dvorkin has false credentials. All of a sudden he became a Doctor of Philosophy. Traveling across Russia, he frightened local clergy and businessmen telling them horrors about home-grown “sectarians.” Following a big scandal, the Head of the Department of Catechesis and Religious Education at the Russian Orthodox Church fired Dvorkin. The latter misappropriated some office appliances and settled down in a private flat. Just like in the USA, anti-cult activities in Europe are beginning to sink. Russia is next in line. Perhaps this is due to the scandalous past of Alexander Dvorkin: he had a soft spot for drugs and certain minorities, as his former peers report. Some time ago Alexander Dvorkin proposed to open “Rehab Centers” attached to Russian Orthodox churches to commit there so-called “victims of sects.” Of course, there was no legal basis for involuntary commitment of people suspected of “lack of orthodoxy” to those centers. Later Alexander Dvorkin drew blood by beating a videographer (a Krishna follower) in the premises of city court. Quite recently Alexander Dvorkin assaulted two policemen in Yekaterinburg in an attempt to commit an act of self-castigation – he smashed his fist into his own face! But the provocation failed. We hope his Orthodox inquisitor will no longer appear among infamous fundamentalist figures of ecclesiastical institute of our times.

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