IRC Logs


XineAnn = Christine Norstrand
Use = Alan Walter
Mirele = Deana Holmes
Zinjifar = Joe Lynn
DDDD = Unknown American citizen
Buk = Unknown German citizen
#scientology = the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel created by these anti-religious extremists as a forum to malign Scientology and its parishioners.

Session Start: Mon Sep 27 17:45:54 1999
[17:45] *** Now talking in #zinjimess

[17:48] use: hi
[17:48] Buk: hi use

[17:49] XineAnn: Buk is gonna debrief us both on the Elisabeth thing.
[17:49] XineAnn: Buk, you’re on.
[17:49] Buk: well, it’s not that much of a mess
[17:49] Buk: you do know of elisabeth and zin, i take it?
[17:49] Buk: and
[17:49] use: yes
[17:49] Buk: use
[17:49] Buk: ok
[17:50] Buk: well, i tell you this now, cause you are living with him sort of. Please keep this to yourself anyways…it’s bad enough for zin as it is
[17:50] Buk: elisabeth told me that Zinjifar wants to meet with her now during her xmas-vacation
[17:50] XineAnn: It is important because Zin can put other people at risk who live with him, Buk.
[17:50] Buk: Elisabeth is visiting a friend in Dallas
[17:50] Buk: and she said that zin is relatively nearby
[17:50] * Buk has no idea if this is true or not
[17:50] use: when?
[17:50] Buk: Xmas-vacation
[17:51] use: I’ll ask him about it 🙂
[17:51] Buk: zinjifar also still tells her that he is in love with her, according to her
[17:51] Buk: he did so in his last chat with her
[17:52] use: is she confiding with you Buk
[17:52] Buk: btw: I did tell Elisabeth that I will not keep this to myself…..I usually don’t do this, but this is somewhat too much

[17:52] use: ok
[17:52] Buk: and when I told her that I will need to talk with people about this, she freaked at me

[17:53] use: Better than someone going to jail for kiddie porn
[17:53] Buk: well, right
[17:53] XineAnn: and taking down someone’s ranch/life’s work
[17:53] XineAnn: and putting x number of people on the street
[17:53] Buk: and since Zin sort of lives with you, I rather not see cops raiding your ranch some day maybe because of this 🙁

[17:55] Buk: she told this has been going on since June
[17:55] * XineAnn would like to kick the little bitch’s ass

[17:56] * Buk does not want to know what happens if her 39-yr old dad finds any logs on her computer

[17:56] * Buk would kill anyone who would mess with my daughter 😉

[17:57] Buk: right, elisabeth is very weak. She is wax under someone’s hands.
[17:57] use: yep
[17:57] Buk: you can almost feel her insecurity
[17:58] Buk: which makes me even more mad at Zin btw for exploiting that
[17:58] use: The problem is if nothing happens immediately it still becomes a potential threat

[17:59] * XineAnn thinks she is a security risk to the channel
[17:59] use: Zinj also keeps logs 🙁

[17:59] Buk: well, she is 16 in two months…would that help in the legal sense at least, if still not for the moral sense?
[17:59] use: no
[17:59] use: 18 in Texas
[17:59] use: I believe
[17:59] Buk: well, Zin can definitely NOT meet Elisabeth in real life.

[18:01] * XineAnn has no more to say but wonders what use’s gonna do next.
[18:01] use: We could put it on channel and ask should Zinj and Eliz meet
[18:01] * XineAnn kinda likes that….
[18:01] XineAnn: are you gonna bring up the netsex?
[18:01] XineAnn: or you could just tell Mirele_.
[18:01] use: No but you can 🙂
[18:01] XineAnn: that’s his worst nightmare.

[18:02] Buk: these were her words re: the meeting:
[18:02] Buk: 02:03] he’s been telling me he loves me for months…
[18:02] Buk: [02:03] telling me he wants me to come see him while i’m in dallas over christmas break…

[18:04] * XineAnn suggests telling Zinji that one more report means it goes to Mirele_.

[18:05] Buk: well, IF use directly asks Zin about a meeting, then Zin will tell his “love” and Elisabeth won’t keep me updated anymore on their relationship
[18:05] use: Nope….he has already been warned
[18:05] XineAnn: So it’s Mirele_’s time?
[18:05] * XineAnn will tell Mirele_
[18:05] Buk: please not
[18:05] Buk: Mirele_ is a hothead
[18:05] XineAnn: but it is Zinji’s worst fear
[18:05] Buk: Mirele_ has a good heart, but she is a hothead
[18:06] * XineAnn will happily threaten Zinji with one more “last last last last chance”
[18:06] use: Jail or Mirele_, Buk?
[18:06] * Buk could volunteer to shock Zin and tell him to cut it out…but IMO no need to spread this story further around?
[18:06] use: jail
[18:06] * XineAnn thinks use has apoint
[18:06] XineAnn: a point
[18:06] XineAnn: and it is more than just Zinji putting himself at risk
[18:06] * Buk would choose Mirele_, since he knows of the horrible conditions in US-prisons 😉
[18:06] XineAnn: He puts #scientology and the ranch at risk
[18:06] XineAnn: BIG time
[18:06] use: you do Buk 🙂
[18:07] use: and ars and act and the FZ
[18:07] Buk: well, I know there is also a legal risk….thus why I told you about a possible meeting between them in Xmas…THAT sounded one step too far
for me
[18:07] Buk: to remain silent
[18:07] Buk: here comes zin
[18:07] XineAnn: shall we invite him over?
[18:07] use: no
[18:07] XineAnn: it involves him, let’s ask him.
[18:07] Buk: it’s up to use
[18:07] Buk: use lives with him
[18:07] use: i said no
[18:07] Buk: zin is “only” a virtual identity for me
[18:07] XineAnn: it’s mroe than lives with
[18:08] XineAnn: more
[18:08] Buk: ok
[18:08] XineAnn: Okay, well use has the most to lose.
What do you want to do, use?
[18:08] XineAnn: But secondarily, we are all put at risk when this blows up (all = #scientology = critics)
[18:09] use: what I wanted to do originally bring it out in the open
[18:09] XineAnn: So I don’t think it’s appropriate to not say anything any more.
[18:09] XineAnn: Okay, on main channel now?
[18:09] use: ok
[18:09] Buk: shit, not now?
[18:09] XineAnn: Why not?
[18:09] XineAnn: E [Note: E = Elisabeth] is there?

[18:11] XineAnn: I want to invite Mirele_ here, please.
[18:11] * Buk doesn’t like telling any of such on channel…..I don’t want the Clams to get hold of this

[18:14] use: use: The shit is about to hit the fan re Eliz
[18:14] use: will it hold for 10 minutes?
[18:14] use: ah
[18:14] use: ok
[18:14] use: use: yes
[18:15] Buk: so you just talk to him via phone?
[18:15] XineAnn: no, he’s on channel
[18:15] use: depends
[18:16] Buk: elisabeth will be mad at me forever
[18:16] use: I will talk to him on the phone
[18:16] Buk: use, can I tell elisabeth that you will talk to him?
[18:16] * Buk likes to be open
[18:17] use: So what….better than a disaster that could scar several people for life
[18:17] Buk: (she asks me if I will talk zo zinjifar)
[18:17] * XineAnn thinks you guys have your priorities really wrong
[18:17] XineAnn: It doesn’t matter if people don’t like us
[18:17] XineAnn: It matters that the ranch and #scientology are being put at risk

[18:18] XineAnn: use: Zinji is not going to stop based on a phone call, and you know that

[18:19] Buk: I have seen pictures of Elisabeth

[18:20] Buk: shall we invite zin into here?
[18:20] * XineAnn will not respect Buk if he allows that to keep him from doing what we think is right.
[18:20] XineAnn: Not until we discuss it with DDDD and Mirele_.
[18:20] XineAnn: And then we will invite Z and E.

[18:23] Buk: xine
[18:23] Buk: why you talk to Mirele_ in /msg?
[18:23] XineAnn: I’m telling her and DDDD about the history
[18:23] XineAnn: I told you I would
[18:23] Buk: you could do it here
[18:23] Buk: and save the time
[18:23] XineAnn: Buk please invite them
[18:24] XineAnn: Buk
[18:24] Buk: ask them to come to #zinjimess now
[18:24] * Buk took off the password
[18:24] *** Joins: DDDD ()
[18:24] *** Joins: Mirele_ ()
[18:24] Mirele: hi
[18:24] DDDD: hello
[18:24] Buk: hi DDDD 🙂
[18:24] Buk: and Mirele_
[18:24] Mirele: what’s up?
[18:24] XineAnn: History lesson first
[18:24] XineAnn: So before Zinji went to Texas
[18:25] * DDDD listens
[18:25] XineAnn: I gave him the password to ibelgique
[18:25] XineAnn: and he put some files there
[18:25] XineAnn: I didn’t look at them
[18:25] XineAnn: and then on labor day weekend
[18:25] XineAnn: he got drunk and went off on how in love with me he was
[18:25] XineAnn: and he thought that I wasn’t talking to him because I’d read the files
[18:25] XineAnn: but I hadn’t read the files
[18:25] XineAnn: but after I handled the current crisis,
[18:25] XineAnn: I did read the logs
[18:26] XineAnn: and they were logs of him having netsex with various people
[18:26] XineAnn: on the channel
[18:26] XineAnn: including Lianna and Elisabeth
[18:26] XineAnn: and it was pretty gothic
[18:26] XineAnn: including anal netsex and stuff
[18:26] XineAnn: and I told use and Buk and gypsy about it
[18:26] XineAnn: gypsy because Elisabeth was really being upset about something with
[18:26] XineAnn: her and Buk because he’s Buk
[18:26] XineAnn: and use talked to Zinji and warned him to knock it off
[18:26] XineAnn: because it puts the channel at risk
[18:27] XineAnn: and also the ranch
[18:27] XineAnn: and Zinji was really pissed at me for telling
[18:27] XineAnn: and was terrified I was gonna tell Mirele_
[18:27] Buk: actually, xine only hinted at me and I called the shots. I suspected from innuendo that something went on
[18:27] Mirele: well, I’m sorry if I come across like a net.cop
[18:27] * XineAnn prefers not to discuss anal sex with Buk
[18:27] Mirele: but jesus, some guy got arrested for doing the same shit not even a week ago
[18:27] DDDD: ok
[18:27] XineAnn: Anyway, use warned him
[18:28] XineAnn: Oh yeah, and Zinji was calling her at home
[18:28] XineAnn: and Elisbaetyh confided in Buk today
[18:28] XineAnn: that Zinji is still telling her that he loves her
[18:28] XineAnn: and they are planning to meet in Dallas
[18:28] XineAnn: over Xmas break
[18:28] * XineAnn thinks this is the sort of story gunbunny dreams of
[18:28] XineAnn: End of history lesson
[18:29] DDDD: errrr
[18:29] Buk: elisabeth told me at length about her love-affair with Zin and her words reg. a coming visit were:
[18:29] Buk: [02:03] he’s been telling me he loves me for months…
[18:29] Buk: [02:03] telling me he wants me to come see him while i’m in dallas over christmas break…
[18:29] Mirele: oh NO

[18:31] Buk: I am not going to keep quit on any 15-yr old teenagers visiting Zin, who lives/works at use’s place
[18:31] Buk: quiet
[18:31] XineAnn: Buk, he said that this morning
[18:32] DDDD: #scientology has little to lose,,,,but Alan’s ranch is a concern

[18:33] Mirele: now that we know, Xine, what do you think should be done?
[18:33] * XineAnn thinks anybody who knows what it looks like can see it
[18:33] XineAnn: I think:
[18:33] Buk: maybe i overinterpreted it

[18:33] XineAnn: 1. Zinji and Elisabeth be formally warned by ops
[18:33] Mirele: shoot
[18:33] Mirele: wait
[18:33] XineAnn: 2. They be pout on probation

[18:34] XineAnn: 3. They be permanently banned if there is even one more report
[18:34] Buk: found the channel-key again? 🙂
[18:34] XineAnn: and then make it stick
[18:34] Mirele: ok
[18:34] Mirele: well, this is something we’d have to bring up on the ops list
[18:34] Mirele: it’s been brought up before, btw
[18:34] Mirele: and most people blew it off
[18:35] * XineAnn thinks it has to be handled immediately for use’s sake

[18:35] Mirele: use, I would like to hear your feelings on this
[18:35] DDDD: i worry more about use than any channel residue
[18:35] Mirele: DDDD: yes
[18:35] Mirele: this could be a disaster for him
[18:35] XineAnn: use! you awake??
[18:35] Mirele: what would you like us to do, Alan?

[18:35] XineAnn: use has zinji in another window
[18:35] XineAnn: and zinji and elisabeth are also discussing this

[18:37] Buk: let’s not invite elisabeth, only zin
[18:37] DDDD: then why let her discuss it
[18:37] XineAnn: Fine with me, but it will all get back to you
[18:37] Buk: she is devasted right now that I did tell anyone about this
[18:37] XineAnn: Buk: FUCK HER DEVASTATION
[18:37] Buk: DDDD: right…she is anyhow underage and zin is the one to keep astray

[18:40] use: That he is not going to meet her
[18:41] DDDD: he does not know that
[18:41] DDDD: simple
[18:41] Buk: welll, seems like he tells you what he told you before almost
[18:41] use: She suppossedly told him this
[18:41] Buk: will he stop telling her “I love you”?
[18:41] * XineAnn places a side bet not

[18:42] use: But I still say bring it out in the open
[18:42] Buk: why can’t we invite zin into here instead?

[18:42] Mirele: folx
[18:42] Mirele: can I say something here?

[18:42] use: yes please do Mirele_
[18:43] DDDD: you want a legal opinion?
[18:43] Mirele: actually, I yield to DDDD

[18:44] DDDD: if anything illegal happened or is about to happen and anyone is aware of it, the rules change
[18:44] Buk: zin is only trying to do damage-control now IMO….he is playing with the fire here either way
[18:44] Mirele: what DDDD said
[18:44] use: Yes Zinj
[18:44] Mirele: Xine, that means you
[18:44] Mirele: you’ve read the logs
[18:44] XineAnn: so have FFFF and use
[18:44] XineAnn: and they were on my server
[18:44] use: no I havent read the logs Xine
[18:44] XineAnn: I sent them to you.
[18:45] * Buk hasn’t read the logs
[18:45] * XineAnn didn’t send them
[18:45] use: I know but I did not read them
[18:45] XineAnn: Okay, well then we handle it, or I kick into “cover my ass” mode.
[18:45] Buk: all I know is Elisabeth being head-over-heels with Zin and Zin wanting to meet Elisabeth allegedly – that was enough for me to make a
little noise 😉
[18:45] use: Mirele_ you were going to say something
[18:45] DDDD: if zinj has 1/2 a brain, and of that I remain unconvinced; he should get the fuck off of irc
[18:46] XineAnn: ban him?
[18:46] DDDD: no
[18:46] DDDD: that stops nothing
[18:46] XineAnn: agreed
[18:46] Buk: no one can stop elisabeth and zin – we only can distance ourselves from it
[18:46] DDDD: i trust Elisabeth as far as I could kick her
[18:47] Mirele: DDDD is saying everything I would say
[18:47] * XineAnn helps DDDD kick her
[18:47] Buk: zin said before to stop it with elisabeth, but he apparently didn’t
[18:47] use: Jail bait

[18:48] DDDD: use, jail bait and trouble for you; for one

[18:52] DDDD: i shall reiterate:
[18:52] DDDD: if anything illegal happened or is about to happen and anyone is aware of it, the rules change

[18:53] Mirele: yes
[18:53] Mirele: folks, this is serious
[18:53] Buk: I know i was forced to act, when elisabeth told me about visiting her “love” zinjifar
[18:54] DDDD: so what has happened beyond some net-sex?
[18:54] Buk: phone calls
[18:54] DDDD: solicitation?
[18:54] Buk: all that according to elisabeth
[18:54] Buk: zin called her, as she told me
[18:54] Buk: if that’s what you mean
[18:54] DDDD: no
[18:54] XineAnn: Does “I really want to fuck you in the ass” count as solicitation?
[18:54] DDDD: legal solicitation
[18:54] DDDD: contributing to delinquentcy

[18:55] DDDD: Mirele_, please tell me when I err
[18:55] DDDD: it is also interstate

[18:55] Mirele: yes
[18:55] XineAnn: read: fbi
[18:55] Mirele: ok listen to me folks
[18:56] * DDDD is not fucking around about this
[18:56] Mirele: based on what I have read in the press, it may be that Zinj has gone over the line
[18:56] DDDD: contributing to delinquentcy is a slam dunk
[18:56] Mirele: and Xine or use, since you’ve seen the logs in question, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, you may have to turn him in
[18:56] * Buk isn’t even worried about OSA…what if her dad – who is younger than Zin! – finds tomorrow her logs on her computer?
[18:56] * XineAnn is not going to turn Zinji in
[18:56] Mirele: yeah!
[18:56] Mirele: that’s the other thing.
[18:57] Mirele: if her parents find logs, we’re toast
[18:57] Buk: Zin needs to cut this off ASAP, 100%.

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