Alan Walter

Alan Walter tries to remain in the background and not appear connected to anti-religious extremists, yet he regularly associates with most of the individuals featured in this site.

Among his close associates is anti-Semite Arnaldo Lerma, who vigorously defends and espouses the Holocaust revisionism of Willis Carto.

Of particular note is Walter’s connection to Joe Lynn, who was employed by Walter in 1999 at Walter’s ranch in Texas.

Per the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) logs appended to this page, Lynn was living and working with Walter at the time Lynn solicited sex from a minor over the internet. Apparently Lynn, a fifty year-old man, engaged in “netsex” with this fifteen year-old girl, then made plans to meet and have sex with her in Dallas during Christmas of 1999.

It is evident from the logs that Walter, as well as several other anti-religious extremists, knew of Lynn’s pedophilic activities yet took no action to protect the minor by either contacting her parents or reporting the matter to local police or the FBI. Their motive for this is also apparent in the logs: Alan Walter (who goes by the handle “use” on the Internet), Deana Holmes, Christine Norstrand, and others, feared that exposing Lynn’s activities would politically damage their “cause.”

What these anti-religious extremists did do was conspire to distance themselves from Joe Lynn and the minor, refusing to allow either to participate in an underground IRC channel where such individuals gather.

It is obvious from the IRC logs on the Lynn page that these extremists knew in detail of Lynn’s pedophilic activities; they were taking place on a computer owned by Walter, and any telephone conversations between Lynn and the fifteen-year-old minor took place on Walter-owned telephones. The discussion on these logs shows their understanding of the seriousness of this crime, and their knowledge of the consequences should they condone it. They discussed reporting the matter to law enforcement but obviously chose not to do so.

Another point clearly revealed in the logs is that the anti-religious extremists on IRC appeared more interested in protecting Walter (regarded as a leader amongst them) than protecting the minor. They discuss the minor’s culpability — was she to blame, is she a security risk to their anti-religious efforts – apparently everything but the legally and morally right thing.

Thus, it becomes a legitimate question, what else do Alan Walter, Deana Holmes, Christine Norstrand, Arnaldo Lerma and Grady Ward know that they have not reported to law enforcement?

Per the IRC logs, Deana Holmes, Christine Norstrand and Alan Walter also knew of Lynn’s possession of child pornography, yet this was not reported to law enforcement either. Their discussion provides reason to believe that Walter may have stored Lynn’s child pornography collection while he traveled. Also, Christine Norstrand talks about having kept some of Lynn’s computer files for him; was child pornography amongst those files? Factually, Lynn constantly used Walter’s computers during the time period Lynn worked for Walter, leaving open the possibility that Lynn’s child pornography collection was stored on Walter’s computer as well.

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