About Us

Throughout history, men and women of religion have stood against tyranny and fought for the natural right of all individuals to practice their own faiths and beliefs, free from harassment, suppression and persecution.

This website is supported by men and women of this kind; parents, teachers, business leaders, health practitioners, artists, working people from every walk of life. As parishioners of Scientology and other religions, we expose the intolerance, racial discrimination, bigotry, threats and violence perpetrated by those individuals in society who would use any means to destroy religious freedom.

For it has been shown that when mankind takes freedom for granted, or turns a blind eye to even the slightest infringement upon the rights of his fellows, the religious beliefs of any man may then be called into question, and his rights perish.

Evil wears many guises and, while freedom of speech remains intrinsic to our very ability to express our beliefs, it is also a tool used by those who would rob us of our voices.

Let the distinction be clear: Any right used by one man to harm another is no right at all, but instead a tool of oppression wielded by those who, left unopposed, would destroy all rights and freedoms until only those remain that favor the tyrant.

Religious Freedom Watch exposes people who are known to attack religious groups. Religious Freedom Watch believes in helping persons of all religions and does not discriminate or advocate violence against persons of any religion.