Anti-Religious Extremists

In late 1994 and early 1995 a few copyright anarchists unlawfully acquired copies of unpublished Church of Scientology scriptures and posted them on the Internet. When they were sued successfully by the copyright holders, these same people embarked on an anti-religious hate campaign utilizing Internet newsgroups, websites and the press.

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One result of this campaign has been an increase in acts of harassment and violence perpetrated against Scientologists. Scientology churches have been vandalized and individual Scientologists have been harassed, physically attacked and threatened with death. When oppressive government agencies in France and Germany sought support for their discriminatory policies against minority religions, the same group of people who began this chain of violence traveled to Europe to spread their lies.

Other faiths also have been the targets of anti-religious violence. Extremists in the United States have fire-bombed Baptist churches and have defaced Jewish synagogues.

In Europe, right-wing nationalists have openly attacked members of other faiths and have staged violent hate rallies. And in the East, being a member of a “disfavored” religion has proven to be fatal. The issue affects everyone.

Thus, people of all faiths must unite in common support of not merely members of their own religion, but of all religionists. We must be vigilant in protecting the cherished right to freedom of worship and in exposing the extremists who spread hatred and violence.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental liberty; it is one of the hallmarks of a free society. It is not, however, a license to incite acts of violence through lies. And when it is abused by people whose only intentions are to harm and destroy it is incumbent upon honest citizens to speak out.

This section of the web site exposes the truth about these instigators so that no one else will succumb to their lies.

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